When should I use an EyeBag®?

Meibomian gland dysfunction covers a wide spectrum. Some people can have a very mild disease whilst others have severe meibomian gland inflammation with chronic damage. It is therefore important to adjust your use of the EyeBag® depending on the severity of your personal symptoms.

Your Ophthalmologist, optometrist or doctor can explain to you how severe your meibomian gland dysfunction is and advise you on how often to use the EyeBag®.

Usual practice is to use your EyeBag® for 5-10 mins twice a day for the first two weeks and then once a day as needed thereafter.

When was the EyeBag® created?

The EyeBag® was created in 2004 by Mr Teifi James, a consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon working in West Yorkshire.

When should I replace my EyeBag®?

If your EyeBag® becomes frayed and the flax contents start to leak, discard your EyeBag® and obtain a new one.

Your EyeBag® will need replacing after about 6 months of regular use.