We've tried to answer all the questions we get asked most often here for you. If you have any other questions at all that aren't covered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Why do I need an EyeBag®?

We know that warming the closed eyelids can relieve many types of ocular discomfort. The standard advice was previously to run a basin of hot water and use a face cloth or flannel as a warm compress. Unfortunately, this is a real nuisance and not very effective, so people just didn’t do it regularly. A treatment people don't stick to is bound to be ineffective. We realised that people needed a device that was pleasant, effective, convenient and cheap, so that they would use it on a daily basis.

Why have I got Dry Eye Syndrome?

Most patients with Dry Eye Syndrome have a condition known as Evaporative Dry Eye and the commonest cause of evaporative dry eye is dysfunction of the oil producing glands in the eyelid edges. These tarsal glands are known as Meibomian glands and when they fail to ‘lubricate the blink’ adequately the condition is known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD. Patients with MGD have a ‘poor quality tear film’ which leads to increased evaporation of the normal tears which in turn causes the symptoms of Dry Eye.

Why do I get a chalazion from time to time?

Chalazion is due to a complete blockage of one of the Meibomian Glands. Nearly 50% of these will resolve with an effective warm compress.

Why is the EyeBag® better than a warm flannel?

Hot wet flannels do not get hot enough or stay warm for long enough to be effective. As the EyeBag® is pleasant and simple to use you are much more likely to use it regularly and maintain treatment for your dry eyes.

Why can’t I get an EyeBag® from my local optometrist?

You can. Any optometrist can stock the EyeBag®. Your own optometrist, optometrist, contact lens practitioner, or other eye care professional can simply order EyeBags wholesale. They can obtain EyeBags directly from us at EyeBag® Australia. See if your local optometrists stocks the EyeBag® by using our simple stockist search function. Click here for our stockists..